BAUER Solution s.r.o. specializes in BDF transportation., ie. transportation of swap bodies. We provide these transports with transport technology: a truck with a classic two-axle lift with a drawbar.

We do not have a tandem connection that is not suitable for this type of transport in our portfolio of transport technology.

It is well known that operating this set is more difficult for the driver, but if the driver learns to manipulate this technology, he will appreciate its usability and comfort at work. Our company has extensive experience in training drivers who for the first time drove a car with a classic tow. In a short time, thanks to our approach and the patience of a trained driver, we are able to put the new driver into operation independently.

Our company currently only orders new LUXURY Mercedes Benz transport technology. As we pay attention to the creation of a premium transport company, we equip vehicles and connections with many image accessories.

Thanks to this newly set strategy, we entrust the vehicle only to the driver who has a positive attitude to work. We are not waiting for drivers who have this profession only for the possibility of better earnings.

No need to worry, you need to have a natural respect and desire to learn what few drivers can …

Jan Bauer